Precious Pearls Jewellery

All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.
— Federico Fellini


Meet Erna...

You may know Erna already, but if you don't it's our pleasure to introduce you.

Erna spent the first half of her life in South Africa before moving to Wales where she opened the first and only pearl shop in the country a decade ago. 

Originally stringing pieces from her lounge in Caswell Bay '04 and supplying selected shops across the UK, Erna received such positive reactions to her inimitable designs that she decided to open Precious Pearls Jewellery boutique in The Mumbles, Swansea. 

Erna is exceptionally talented, conceptualising and creating the most exquisite bespoke pieces based on your own original and inimitable style. You may only know what you don't like, in which case drop her a note, pick up the phone or stop by the store, and Erna will help you articulate your perfect piece of pearl jewellery. 

Alongside an organic flair for effecting the beautiful and elegant, Erna has a passion for pearls and jewellery making. Erna studied and graduated in Silver Smithing and is a recognised and certified G.I.A. pearl jewellery designer. Erna has most recently graduated from G.I.A.'s most advanced pearl jeweler course.

It all Begins In...

hong kong.jpg

Hong Kong! Once or twice every year, Erna travels to HK to hand select each and every single pearl to use in her bespoke designs for its luster and quality. By personally curating your Precious Pearls designer piece from start to finish, Erna ensures the vision is authentic, the quality supreme, and the price for customers affordable after some HK haggling!

The Journey to You

Set in the picturesque village of Mumbles, on the periphery of Swansea and the renowned Gower coastline; the Precious Pearls Jewellery shop also serves as the studio where Erna Cacace designs and makes the majority of her jewellery collections. Clients are invited to peruse the pearl collections within the boutique or welcome to have a seat to discuss bespoke jewellery commissions. Private out of hour appointments are also accommodated by arrangement.